Success occurs when opportunity
meets preparation

Don't wait for opportunity.
Create it.

Great things are never done by one person.
They're done by a team of people.

The future is created by what
you do today.

About us

Who are we?

Smart Financial Group is an initiative aimed to help you create the world of tomorrow. We want to make your dreams and ambitions come true by financing innovative projects and enterprises. We can offer you not only consolidation, small business and personal loans, but as an angel investors we may also serve you with equity financing. If you aim high - Smart Financial Group is a company just for you.

Who are we looking for?


Culture of integrity is a main factor contributing to the long term success of a business, and it is what we demand.

Complete business plan

All endeavours should be well though-out and planned beforehand. Solid business plan is a foundation for success.

Reasonable valuation

When valuing your business you should take into consideration potential future cash flows, risks and opportunities.

Business viability

Your project must be reasonable in terms of your current experience, knowledge and skills, as well as market demand.

Growth potential

Undertakings possessing qualities necessary for growth, like scalability, truly let us reach the sky.

Capable management

Management team able to lead and implement its vision is not only useful, but necessary.

What we can do for you?


Full founding for your bussines plan

We can provide you with funds necessary to start up or further develop a business or other value adding project. We offer flexibility as to the type of financing provided, including both debt and equity funding.

Advice and input on key decisions

As experienced and successful entrepreneurs we are familiar with factors determining the success of a business, the hardships of implementing ambitious projects, as well as risks waiting for starting entrepreneurs. You may count on our advice and patronage.

Access to follow-on capital

Many undertakings require financing not only at the start, but also later on in their development. We understand that seemingly unprofitable businesses may turn profitable after receiving additional financial support and we are willing to provide it.

Help with financial liquidity

Our offer is directed not only to ambitious business starters, but also to individuals and companies struggling with financial liquidity. We can help you refinance your loans, provide you with funds for urgent necessities, or satisfy working capital needs of your company.

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